Study Snacks



Klemens Strasser
Graz, Austria
Release date:
April 05th 2023
iPhone, iPad, Apple Vision Pro, Apple Watch
EUR 9.99


Study Snacks - formerly Study with Subwords - is a playful learning app for everyone. The idea is simple - you create a list of connected knowledge, like countries and their capital or English words and their translation into Spanish. Study Snacks will split these words into pieces and you have to put them back together. Study Snacks will help you to memorize that knowledge without ever feeling like learning. The app is made for everyone, thanks to many accessibility features. Study Snacks is fully accessible through VoiceOver/Switch Control and Voice Control, while also having a excellent large type support. It features a special font that makes everything easier legible for people with dyslexia. The core gameplay can be altered from a gravitational study game, to a deterministic grid layout, which helps people with vision impairments find subwords easier, but also reduces the cognitive load needed to study. Last but not least, it features the possibility to change the theme, to either one with higher contrast, one that features color-blind safe colors or to a complete custom one, where the user can pick any color in the app themselves.


  • Download over 80 lists from the Gallery!
  • Scan lists via the camera
  • Learn better with focus lessons
  • Accessibility features: VoiceOver support, large type support, dyslexic font, deterministic grid layout, custom rotors, themes (high contrast, color-blind safe, or completely custom)
  • Interactive Widgets: Learn throughout the day with Study Snacks
  • Apple Watch: Study right on your wrist
  • Shared with You
  • iCloud Sync



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About Klemens Strasser

My name is Klemens and I'm a 30-year-old indie developer from Graz, Austria who loves to make apps and games more accessible. My projects got me an ADA (Apple Design Award) nomination in 2022 (Letter Rooms, Inclusivity Category, an ADA nomination in 2023 (Ancient Board Game Collection, Inclusivity Cateogry), a Student ADA in 2015 (Elementary Minute), a nomination for the AppleVis Golden Apples in 2022 (Ancient Board Game Collection) a feature on the GAAD on the App Store in 2019 and 2021 (Subwords) and four WWDC scholarships. In the past, I worked at Flexibits on Fantastical and Cardhop and am now the iOS Lead developer at Nuki Home Solutions.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Klemens Strasser
Developer - Artist - Game Designer
Matthew Skiles
Designer - App Icon
Josh Mobley
Sound Design