Klemens Strasser
Graz, Austria
Release date:
17 November, 2016
iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
USD $1.99


Asymmetric is a puzzle game with an focus on easy gameplay, challenging puzzles and beautiful design. Groopert and Groopine, two poor creatures, were trapped and torn apart and you have to reunite them. Simply swipe anywhere on the screen to guide the characters through the puzzle, but don't forget: They always move in opposite directions! And be cautious: There are traps, portals, holes and other fields that will get in your way!


  • One price - three Platforms: Available on iPhone, iPad and AppleTV.
  • Six chapters with 66 levels and eight different obstacles
  • 27 character pairs, four different themes.
  • Editor to build and share your own levels.
  • Wonderful piano soundtrack by Stefan Putzinger.
  • Beautiful and simple art style.
  • Screen Recording via ReplayKit.
  • GamePad support on Apple TV.
  • iCloud Sync: Start on your iPhone, continue on the Apple TV - Your save game will be synchronised to all of your devices!
  • iMessage Stickers!


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About Klemens Strasser

My name is Klemens and I'm a 30-year-old indie developer from Graz, Austria who loves to make apps and games more accessible. My projects got me an ADA (Apple Design Award) nomination in 2022 (Letter Rooms, Inclusivity Category, an ADA nomination in 2023 (Ancient Board Game Collection, Inclusivity Cateogry), a Student ADA in 2015 (Elementary Minute), a nomination for the AppleVis Golden Apples in 2022 (Ancient Board Game Collection) a feature on the GAAD on the App Store in 2019 and 2021 (Subwords) and four WWDC scholarships. In the past, I worked at Flexibits on Fantastical and Cardhop and am now the iOS Lead developer at Nuki Home Solutions.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Klemens Strasser
Developer - Artist - Game Designer
Stefan Putzinger
Musician, Neo Rate Music