Elementary Minute



Klemens Strasser
Graz, Austria
Release date:
1 December, 2014
iPhone iPad Apple Watch
USD $0.99


Elementary Minute is an fast paced trivia game for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. You are presented with statements from the topics Math, Geography, Famous People and Science. Quickly swipe up or down to decide if the statement are true or false. You have one minute to get as many statements correct as possible.


  • Four topics: Math, Geography, Famous People and Science
  • Two game modes: Classic and Rush
  • Completely playable for blind people via VoiceOver
  • Designed for one handed play.
  • Highscores via Game Center.
  • Review your answers and lern from them!

Awards & Recognition


Elementary Minute App Preview

Elementary Minute - Famous People and Apple Watch

Elementary Minute: Now with VoiceOver support


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About Klemens Strasser

Hi there! I'm Klemens, an iOS/Game developer from Graz, Austria. I previously worked with Flexibits on Fantastical and Cardhop and created a bunch of games in my spare time, with a big focus on simplicity and accessibility. My very first game, Elementary Minute, won an Apple Design Award in 2015. My third game, Subwords, was featured multiple times in the App Store for its accessibility features, like as Game of the Day on the GAAD 2019.

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